Tribute to Sarnami heritage

//Tribute to Sarnami heritage

145 years ago a large group of people of Indian origin took a great leap of faith, leaving family and friends behind. These people left India and travelled by ship to Surinam in search of a better life. After arriving in Surinam, these Hindustani’s worked on plantation fields and many became landowners. They held on to their religion, music and traditions and passed it on to the coming generations. Many of the later generation Hindustani’s migrated to America and parts of Europe, like The Netherlands. Though, the Indian’s living in Surinam were now calling their self Sarnami and today’s diaspora is also proud to be a Sarnami-Hindustani.

Expressing this love for Surinam and wishing for unity, Sandeep Badloe has released a new Baithak Gana single ‘Sarnam Hamara Desh Hain’ with SR-MUSIC.


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