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“When music has no boundaries it is pure and that is what we need in the world”

Sandeep Badloe born in Amsterdam to Surinam-Hindustani parents, was brought up with Baithak Gana (folk music in Surinam with its origin in India). Always encouraged by family Badloe started singing in a band with his nephews named Hariyali. The name Hariyali was given to the group by their maternal grandfather.

After deciding to see more of the musical world, Badloe went on as a freelancer and eventually joined the locally famous Baithak Power led by Amit Sewgolam (son of the late Radjoe Sewgolam) and later All In One led by Varun Nanda. Before taking a 2 year break to study Hindustani classical vocal, Badloe freelanced with noteworthy musicians such as Kishen Ramadhin, Soerin Ramkhelawan and Soeredj Sewlal.

Nowadays, Badloe performs with his band Rhydhun all around the world. Accompanied by many gifted musicians, with the focuses on spreading his love that is known as Baithak Gana.


When mixing an amazing Western orchestra with Baithak Gana songs, you get a unique blend of two very different but yet beautiful musical disciplines.

The song “Raat Ke Sapna” is one of those evergreen songs in the Baithak Gana sang by many artists such as Ramdew Chaitoe and Babla & Kanchan. The Metropole Orchestra made the song more special by playing the signature Ramdew Chaitoe harmonium solo with violins and horns.

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